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I call her Firefly…

iTunes has convinced me that there is a song for just about any topic. When it comes to insects, some are far more popular topics than others. A quick search of iTunes pulls up over 100 hits for songs with … Continue reading

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Redi For the Revolution

Redi for the Revolution The scientific revolution in Europe consisted of questioning dogma and making careful observations to determine facts. In the mid 1600s, a small number of scientists were finding new ways to use the scientific method to acquire … Continue reading

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Tracking Invasive Species

International trade results in billions of tons of goods transported. Moving large volumes of anything invites unwanted hitchhikers including “invasive species”. Invasive species are species that are not native to a new location. They arrive from somewhere else. Invasive species … Continue reading

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Go with the Flow

Only 3 extant groups of animals fly, birds, bats and insects. Insects were the first group of animals to fly, a key to their success as a group. Not only were insects the first group of animals to fly, they … Continue reading

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Winston Churchill’s Butterfly House

Butterfly gardens and butterfly houses are popular attractions that are increasingly added by zoos and botanical gardens. Entomologists and butterfly collectors have long noted the close relationship between butterflies and plants. Closely related species of butterfly often feed on closely … Continue reading

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Insects at the movies

Thrilled by classic films about giant ants (Them, Empire of the Ants), killer bees (The Swarm), giant praying mantids (Mimic) or prehistoric beetles (Caved In)? There is a new insect in town and the phobia doesn’t stay in the theater. … Continue reading

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Insect Love Metaphors

References to insects often appear in music lyrics and music videos. Seldom is the imagery pretty. The most positive imagery is comparison of an uncommitted love to butterflies or fireflies that flit around. The imagery goes downhill from there, “You … Continue reading

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