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Beetles and Food Contamination

Just today (Sept 23, 2010) Abbott Laboratories issued a recall of some of its Similac baby formula due to contamination by beetle larvae. The powdered formula is potentially contaminated by larvae of the warehouse beetle, Trogoderma variabile. The warehouse beetle … Continue reading

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Bloomington Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a major problem wherever there are a lot of travelers such as hotels and even college campuses. IU Bloomington reported on Wed, Sept 22,2010 that a bed bug was discovered in a library cubicle and others were … Continue reading

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Regular Cola or Diet?

Humans have tastes that we define as sweet, salt, sour and bitter. Our taste receptors are in our mouths and give us information about the food we eat once it is in our mouths. Insects also have taste receptors and … Continue reading

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Good Taste

Imagine as you walk, you not only get the tactile sense and vibrations of your feet hitting the ground, but taste the environment as you walked along. Dead worm. Motor oil. Chewing gum. Concrete Grass. Blacktop. Ant. What would we … Continue reading

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Mating on Land

Most terrestrial animals have direct internal transfer of sperm between males and females. In the aquatic environment, some arthropods release sperm directly into the water. The sperm can travel in the currents and swim to find a mate. This process … Continue reading

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Big Bug Video Games

Move over “Them”, “Mothra” and “Mimic”. Giant insects, long a staple of “Big Bug” movies on the silver screen are the main menu of the new Earth Defense Force video game, to be released in 2011. Gamers get a choice … Continue reading

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Caterpillar Gut Check

The structure of the insect digestive system is taught in most General Entomology classes. Students usually learn about the grasshopper gut as a model system. It is impossible to teach everything we know in one class. The exceptions are taught … Continue reading

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