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Invasive Species for the Holidays

A couple of stories from the British tabloids illustrate one of the challenges of preventing transport of exotic species. The first report is of praying mantids found in a shipment of Christmas wreaths from Turkey by a florist. The mantids … Continue reading

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Winning with insects

The Olympus BioScapes International Digital Imaging Competition results were recently announced. Four of the top ten entries had arthropods as subjects including a harvestman (#1 winner) a damselfly (#7) and Beetles at #s 8 and 10. The winner is a … Continue reading

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Giant Insects

300 million years ago (mya), some of the largest arthropods roamed the earth. Giant insects included the Protodonata, relatives of the modern dragonflies. Some fossils have wingspans exceeding 70 cm. The Protodonata and other giant arthropods lived in the era … Continue reading

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Living Without Lice

The increase in cases of head lice, resistance to treatments and having to scramble for alternatives to attending school create headaches in our modern society. What’s a busy family to do? Hire the “Lice Squad”. The pressures on modern families … Continue reading

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Head Lice Headlines

It is not often that insects headline the Hollywood Gossip sheets. However, recent headlines report: Top News Press Reports: “Madonna Has Lice” Reports: “Madonna Has A Lice Problem” ShowBizSpy Reports: Madonna Has a Head Lice Problem So what is … Continue reading

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Bubonic plague II

The Black Death (bubonic plague) that devastated 1300s Europe had its origins in Asia and devastated much of Asia prior to its appearance in Europe. Jack Weatherford in his book, Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World, pieces … Continue reading

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Bubonic plague

Of all the insect diseases, Bubonic plague has had the most profound effect on modern human history. Bubonic plague, caused by the bacterium, Yersinia pestis, is back in the news. According to a recent report in Nature Genetics DNA sequencing … Continue reading

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