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Living with Fleas

Back by popular demand, Insect Jokes. Pardon me if some of them are flea-bitten. Q. Why did the flea run away? A. To join the flea circus Q. What did the flea ask when leaving the party? A. Shall we … Continue reading

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Free Spirit

For about one year, the NASA exploration vehicle, Spirit, has been stuck in the sand. The rover relies on wheels. In soft soil, the wheels can sink above the axles and fail. Robot developers would like to add some legs … Continue reading

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Hybrid Insect Machines

Studies of basic insect biology can be subjects of howls of protest about waste of government money. However, much of the research has more importance and applicability than the naive can imagine. It does seem that little protest is made … Continue reading

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Living Like Insects

Studies of social insects can provide useful ideas for organizing human society. Studies of insect structures can provide insights for solving environmental problems. In Southern Africa, termites build giant mounds that function in temperature regulation and air circulation. The walls … Continue reading

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Think like an Insect

It is well known that insects have far fewer cells than their larger mammalian counterparts and this applies to the insect brain as well. The relationship between brain capability and brain size is an area of debate and some importance. … Continue reading

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Bed Bug Control-Going to the Dogs

Bed bugs problems are growing exponentially in the US. In 2004, there were fewer than 200 reports per year of bed bugs. Today, that number is over 10,000 per year and growing. Bed bug detection is difficult because the bed … Continue reading

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Kiss Your Ash Goodbye

As Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) spreads and establishes throughout the US, cities and home owners are being hit with large bills for tree removal. In Indiana, Fort Wayne is trying to cope with the large scale problem. EAB was first … Continue reading

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