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Pesticide Bee Controversy

A controversy is brewing over the insecticide clothianidin and effects on honey bees. Some bee keepers have experienced large numbers of hive losses over the winter in recent years. The cause is unknown. Unknowns can lead desperate people to be … Continue reading

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Living With Maggot Therapy

As noted in the last post, insects live in close contact with many pathogens. The presence of antibiotic substances in insects is not uncommon. Insects that feed on dead or dying tissue often must compete with microbes for the food … Continue reading

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Living With Insect Therapy

Insects that live in decaying vegetation and in colonies are especially vulnerable to diseases. It is not surprising that these insects have evolved potent defenses against microbes. Nature is a treasure trove of potentially useful substances but there are millions … Continue reading

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Award Winning Insect Pictures

National Geographic means photography and the 2010 photography contest winners. One of the nature winners is a photo (below) of a termite mound, with a monkey sitting on top. Southern Asia and Africa are home to enormous termite mounds, truly … Continue reading

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Living With Termites

Termites live in rotting wood, an environment that is ripe with a multitude of microorganisms. Termites have evolved a number of defenses against microorganism infections. Some of these are behavioral. Termite eggs are vulnerable to infections in the absence of … Continue reading

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Living with ‘Yule Tradition’ Insects

The Christmas tree is an old tradition that Americans wish to take with them wherever they go. This creates a minor industry for Christmas tree growers who can market their trees at a premium overseas. This creates a major headache … Continue reading

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Fleas Navidad

The inspiration for this post is obviously, Feliz Navidad, Merry Christmas. Santa’s sleigh is being pulled by Cat Flea. Santa is played by Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. (Flea also played with a group called The Insects.) Along … Continue reading

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