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Ant Man Bee

The eclectic Captain Beefheart died last week. Like many artists, Captain Beefheart frequently sang about insects based on his observations of nature. Most ant species are territorial and that can lead to large scale altercations. These “ant wars” are a … Continue reading

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Squash bugs

Squash bugs are a pest of squash. At this time of year, the adults are tucked away safely on the edges of gardens and fields in a state of diapause. Their reproductive systems have halted development; their metabolism has slowed … Continue reading

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Reindeer and Flies

Christmas thoughts turn to Santa, Reindeer and insects. We all love the story of Santa’s visit to The Grouch. The Grouch barked at Santa, “Keep your reindeer out of the house! It’s full of fleas”. Santa turns to his reindeer … Continue reading

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Pest Control with Bounce

Fungus gnats are tiny flies that infest greenhouses. Gardeners have insisted that Bounce fabric sheets tucked into their pockets repel the pesky gnats. Fact or urban legend? Ray Cloyd checked it out in his lab and indeed their is a … Continue reading

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Living on Spiders

Many spiders spin webs to capture insects. An insect hitting the web will create vibrations that attract the spider and alert it to the presence of dinner. Further struggles will invite aggressive attack. The spider will bite the prey to … Continue reading

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Termite Controversy

It’s budget time in Washington so we can count on someone’s research entering the crosshairs of controversy. This time it is termite research. From the Washington times (byline Jennifer Harper) we read, “PORKASAURUS Read it and snort. Consider $3.4 million … Continue reading

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Prospecting with Termites

Some soil building termites construct tall mounds on top of deep underground passages to thermoregulate their colonies. Particles of soil from deep underground may be placed in the termite mounds. The termites dig down until they reach the water table, … Continue reading

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