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Goldenrod Soldier Beetle

Every Fall in Indiana, soldier beetles are commonly found on flowers feeding on pollen. One of the most common soldier beetles, is Chauliognathus pensylvanicus, aka the Goldenrod Soldier Beetle, Pennsylvania Leatherwing and a host of other names. The beetles are … Continue reading

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Emerald Ash Borer Update

The efforts to stop the spread of Emerald Ash Borer in Indiana have not met with much success. Perhaps the spread has been delayed for several years. The EAB is now in much of the State. It is still important … Continue reading

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Beetles To The Rescue

New Zealand has decided that it has put up with “it” for too long. “It” is livestock dung. This month New Zealand has approved the importation of 11 species of dung beetle to address the growing problem with animal waste. … Continue reading

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Update on Flutter

A number of readers commented on my previous post about Flutter, the Monarch Butterfly who did not migrate. Flutter spent the last 5 months living in the Fargo, North Dakota home of DaveS who fed and cared for Flutter. I … Continue reading

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Interest In Boring Beetles

Some of the most important pests of our forests are wood boring beetles. Most beetles that bore into trees do not feed on the wood. The beetles transport fungi that grow on the walls of the tunnels and use the … Continue reading

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Beetles on the Fringe

The TV show, “Fringe” has an episode, “Immortality” that features beetles as a weapon used by a bio-terrorist. These particular beetles will lay their eggs inside humans and cause a ghastly death. In a scene scripted to elicit fear and … Continue reading

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Weather Related Insect Events

This year, much of Eastern Australia has received record rainfall leading to flooding and other issues. Unusual weather can lead to unusual outbreaks of pest insects. Rove beetles of the genus Paederus are one group of pests that responds to … Continue reading

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