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Bot Flies

Flies have an annoying habit of getting up close and personal. Many flies and gnats will buzz around your head and irritate your eyes and skin. Mosquitoes and deer flies will buzz around and bite. However, the bot fly goes … Continue reading

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Neglected Insect Vectored Diseases

Malaria is the most important disease transmitted by mosquitoes but far from the only disease that mosquitoes transmit. Many of the diseases transmitted by mosquitoes primarily affect poor or marginalized populations and are classified as Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD). The … Continue reading

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Register Your Opinion

Art is controversial by design. Art appeals to our aesthetics and emotions. This poll is an opportunity to express yourself. Comments are welcome.

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Live Fly Art

Artist Damien Hirst recently displayed his creation, “Let’s Eat Outdoors Today”, at London’s Royal Academy of Arts. What it is: The sculpture is divided into two sections. In one section, maggots develop on a raw meat on a Bar-BQ grill. … Continue reading

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Dead Fly Art

Nothing is more annoying than having a fly buzz around while trying to work. A good swat usually eliminates the pest. However, if you are an artist, you not only find the flies annoying but find inspiration in nature. Muhr … Continue reading

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Early Pollinators

It is Spring Break at Purdue and those who are still in town are treated to nice weather, with highs in the low 60s (F, 15-18 C). The first burst of warm weather and the Spring photo periods bring forth … Continue reading

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Sand Flies and Soldiers

Travel to distant lands leads to great opportunities to explore biodiversity up close. However, it is important to keep some of the biodiversity, especially topical diseases and their vectors, at arms length. Institutions maintain control efforts for some of the … Continue reading

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