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Amateur Contributions to Insect Natural History

With almost 1 million described species of insects and an estimated 10-50 million species of insects on Planet Earth, the ratio of insects to professional entomologists is overwhelming. Amateurs have made enormous contributions to insect natural history and continue to … Continue reading

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Termite Song

For all you fans of ‘Termite Tunes’, here is the Woodbox Gang with the “Termite Song”. The song is a bit creepy, but so is a termite infestation! I’ve been hiding in your walls And I’m plotting with your mouse. … Continue reading

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Orchard Mason Bees

Honey bees are important pollinators, but they are not the only bees that pollinate our crops and fruit trees. Numerous species of bees are suitable pollinators. Some gardeners can benefit by enhancing the habitat for solitary bees. The Orchard Mason … Continue reading

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Living With Killer Bees

In a previous post, I described the importation of the killer (or Africanized) bee into the Americas and its invasion of the Southern US. Currently, killer bees can be found in all the Southern tier US states from California to … Continue reading

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Brown Lacewings

Lacewings are predators on aphids and other small insects. Both the larvae and the adults are predatory. Female lacewing lay eggs on silk stalks. The stalks keep the eggs above the surface of the leaf and out of the reach … Continue reading

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Mayflies Versus Mining

Mayflies are important indicators species of stream health. Some mayfly species are very sensitive to pollution, heat, low oxygen and other insults the environmental health of the water they inhabit. It is not surprising that mayflies are used as general … Continue reading

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Cockroaches in the Capital

When prominent stories about cockroaches hit the newspapers of a capital city, one usually assumes that politicians are hurling epithets. However, the current dustup in Canberra, the capital of Australia, involves restaurants closing down and leaving a large regional shopping … Continue reading

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