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Termite Baits

Termites are difficult to detect. A termite colony in a home could go undetected for several years. Homeowners often get their first indication of a termite infestation when termites swarm. In Spring, once temperatures start to warm, the termite reproductives … Continue reading

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Termite Epithets

Hurling epithets is a common in domestic and political food fights. Insects may enter the conversation as a general indication of contempt. The more specific “cockroach” is common in blues songs like the Cockroach Blues. Termite is the new epithet … Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Wood

The Formosan termite is one of the most destructive structural pests in the US. As its name implies, it is an invasive species. The introduction is usually blamed on the US Army. After World War II, equipment returning from Asia … Continue reading

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More BugBowl

Bugbowl has something for all tastes. Those who don’t like to eat insects, handle insects, or spit insects can decorate with insect themes. Cake is a great medium for ephemeral art. Icing lends itself to both color and form. The … Continue reading

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Insect Petting Zoo

The Insect Petting Zoo is a core activity of BugBowl. The Insect Petting Zoo is the place to teach the public more than they would otherwise know about insects. The ideal Petting Zoo insect is large, doesn’t sting or bite, … Continue reading

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Cricket Spitting

BugBowl at Purdue includes a cricket spitting contest. The concept is simple. Put a frozen dead cricket in your mouth and see how far you can spit it. The rules are simple and the contest simple to arrange. Every year … Continue reading

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Cockroaches as Pests

Cockroaches, specifically the German cockroaches and Brown banded cockroaches can present management problems, especially in urban areas. People often turn first to pesticides to kill the cockroaches. However, pesticides are rarely 100 percent effective. It is useful to look first … Continue reading

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