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Living With Bed Bugs

As people prepare to travel this Fourth of July weekend, concerns about bed bugs creep into mind. I will confess, on my last stay at a hotel, I did lift up the mattress and check under the sheets for any … Continue reading

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Insects in the Ear III

In earlier posts, I noted that earwigs are rarely (almost never) found in the ear canal. I also noted that the most common insect found in the ear canal is the cockroach. Today the news is buzzing about a moth … Continue reading

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Dun Skipper

The Dun Skipper, Euphyes vestris, is small with brown wings and does not possess many distinguishing marks. The head and the thorax have a golden tinge. The larvae feed on sedges and are common in wetlands and along waterways. The … Continue reading

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Ebony Jewelwing

The Ebony Jewelwing, Calopteryx maculata, is one of the most common damselflies in Indiana. They are especially numerous in this rainy year. The adults have a beautiful iridescent body offset by black wings. The wings of the males are plain … Continue reading

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Little Wood Satyr

The Little Wood Satyr, Megisto cymela, is a common butterfly in June in Indiana. They are recognizable by the 4 large eyespots on the wings against a brown background. The undersides of the wings have 2 prominent lines. The adults … Continue reading

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Insect Gynandromorphs

Whether an individual is male or female can be determined by a variety of different genetic systems. In humans and some insects such as Drosophila, females have 2 copies of an X chromosome and males have a single copy of … Continue reading

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Butterfly Conservation

This week, the Imperiled Butterfly Conservation and Management Conference met at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum near Chicago, Illinois. A highlight of the program is the release of adult Baltimore Checkerspot Butterflies, a species that is rare in the area. … Continue reading

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