Squash Vine Borer

Squash is a popular garden vegetable. One or two plants can easily produce as much or more squash than a family can eat. This has spawned a host of recipes that use squash in every dish imaginable. The summer burst of squash usually lasts for only a couple of months until the squash plants finally succumb to disease, usually bacterial wilt that is transmitted by the tiny cucumber beetles or corn rootworm beetles.

There are some larger pests that can lay low a squash plant including squash vine borer. The squash vine borer is a day flying moth with clear wings. It superficially resembles a wasp. Its mimicry deters predation by birds. The moths lay eggs on the stems of squash plants just above the soil line. The eggs hatch and caterpillars will burrow into the stem to feed. The caterpillars are not visible from the outside, but they produce a sawdust-like frass (excrement) that collects on the outside of infested stems. It is possible to kill a larva by poking through the stem and in some cases it can be removed without killing the plant by carefully slitting the stem until the larva can be reached and extracted

Initially, squash vine borer only stresses the plant without killing the it. Sometimes the squash vine borer can complete its development without killing the plant, but sufficient damage will kill the plant. Once the larvae reach maximum size, they will leave the stem and burrow into the soil to pupate. In Indiana, squash vine borer spends the winter in the pupa stage to emerge and infest plants once again the following summer.

Top: Squash Vine Borers Tunnel and Feed in Squash Stem
Bottom: Caterpillar Extracted from a Stem

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