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Underwing Moths

The underwing moths are known for their brightly colored hind wings that usually remain hidden under the dull cryptically colored forewings. When disturbed, the underwing moth will expose its hind wings. The hind wings are warning colors such as black … Continue reading

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Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

A University of Oregon graduate who was interested in making documentary films, traveled to South America to collect film for a documentary. As a consequence of his experience, he will be the subject of a documentary early in 2012. Adam … Continue reading

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Bugnado is a new word being used to describe giant swarms of midges filmed by storm chaser, Mike Hollingshead on July 4 in Iowa. The weather in Iowa was very wet and many corn fields had ponding water. The small … Continue reading

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Pumped Up Cicadas

Cicadas fill the air with sound, but they do not use their mouthparts for making noise. Cicadas feed on plant sap. They have straw-like mouthparts that they insert into plant tissue and pump the juices out of the plant. The … Continue reading

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Ant Metamorphosis

Ants are a type of wasp, and very successful as a group. There are about 11,000 species of ants compared to over 900,000 described species of insects. Less than 2% of all insect species are ants. However, ants are greater … Continue reading

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Butterfly Gardens are Winners

Gardens are popular in Britain and gardeners like the flower shows. Some of the flower shows have thousands of entries and are important festivals for local communities. Of course, flowering plants and insect pollinators go well together. One of the … Continue reading

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Motorists frequently encounter flying insects during the summer. On a late summer evening near an Indiana corn field, your windshield can be quickly covered with corn borer moths. The moths often fly low over roads just before sunset. Large numbers … Continue reading

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