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Friday Cat-erpillar Blogging- Legs

Caterpillars are adapted for rapid growth. They have a small head, a small thorax and a LARGE abdomen that holds and processes a large quantity of food. Most of the inside of a caterpillar is the gut and it is … Continue reading

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Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Thousands of fans headed to Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida last weekend to watch a football game between the University of Miami and Kansas State. The fans were disappointed that the game was delayed by lightning, but were rewarded … Continue reading

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Delay of Game

Fall in the US is football season. High school athletes take the spotlight under the Friday Night Lights. Football is played despite inclement weather and is not deterred by high winds, downpours, fog, snow or sleet. Games are sometimes cancelled … Continue reading

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Protecting Endangered Insects

Last August (2011), I posted about the endangered Puritan Tiger Beetle. Another endangered tiger beetle species, the Salt Creek Tiger Beetle, Cicindela nevadica lincolniana, is limited to a few wetlands near Lincoln, Nebraska. Damage to these limited areas could cause … Continue reading

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Attack of the Drugstore Beetles

The world famous, Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney Australia have an herbarium collection of over 1.2 million species of plants in over 77 thousand plastic boxes. The collections of dried plants are used for studies by scientists from around the … Continue reading

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Bed Bugs, Insecticides & Illness

In the past decade, Bed Bugs have gone from obscure references in nursery rhymes to epidemic. Bed Bugs have been found in hotels, homes, college dorms, cruise ships and even stretch limos. Bed Bugs have one food- human blood that … Continue reading

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Attack of the Alluring Larvae

We usually think of vertebrates eating insects, but not as often about insects eating living vertebrates. However,Wizen and Gasith recently report in PLoS ONE on a couple of interesting beetle species that feed on amphibians. The larvae of two species … Continue reading

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