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Oldest Cicada Fossil

Amber is a substance that is produced by tree sap. Anyone who has tried to climb a pine tree or handled the branches will get sticky hands. The sap is a defense mechanism that the tree uses to pitch wood … Continue reading

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Bed Bugs, Art, Information

A big city is full of information overload. How does someone not in the loop know which buildings have bed bugs and which do not? Incensed that a friend unknowingly moved into a bed bug infested building and subsequently had … Continue reading

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Living With Stink Bugs

2011 was another banner year for Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs on the East Coast of the US. Entomologists have been busy trying to help growers find solutions to the attacks on their crops. Homeowners have been challenged by the stink … Continue reading

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Sexton Beetles

Sexton Beetles are named after the church officer (sexton)tasked with the maintenance and upkeep of the church. In England, one of the duties of a church sexton is to maintain the graveyard including digging graves and burying the dead. Sexton … Continue reading

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Lice Policy

Head lice are a continuing problem for parents of school children. Many districts still send children home from school if they have lice or nits in their hair. Many of the pesticides used to kill lice, will only kill the … Continue reading

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Living With Termite Swarms

The Asian Siberian Termite, Coptotermes gestroi is one of the most destructive termites in Asia. Coptotermes gestroi and its close relative, the Formosan termite, Coptotermes formosanus are the most destructive termites in Southeast Asia. They eat any form of cellulose, … Continue reading

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Bees + Road Trip = Adventure

The AP is reporting that a semi-truck hauling 460 bee hives (containing about 25 million bees) crashed on I-15 in Utah (The Beehive State). The trailer tipped over. The bees swarmed out of their hives, stinging the truck driver, his … Continue reading

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