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Living With Insect Attitude

One of the challenges for pilots is determining the position of the horizon. Horizon detection is important during visual flight to maintain proper attitude of the aircraft and correct the pitch (Nose Up; Nose Down) and roll (Right and Left … Continue reading

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Living With Ozone

Most of the oxygen atoms in the atmosphere are in the form of “Molecular Oxygen” that consists of 2 oxygen atoms. Ozone is a molecule of 3 oxygen atoms. Both types of oxygen molecules will react with other chemicals or … Continue reading

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Living With Insect Museums

The Christmas Holidays are fast approaching. Many families use the time away from school and work for activities such as visits to museums or in warmer climates, a zoo. For insect lovers, there are insect zoos and Insectariums. One of … Continue reading

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Reading the Barcodes of Life

I have previously posted on Barcoding Insects, here and here. A Barcode is a DNA sequence that has similar (conserved) stretches of DNA code interspersed with DNA sequence that is unique to a species. The unique sequence is diagnostic of … Continue reading

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Saving Tansy Beetles

Many insects have a close association with one or a few species of plant that they use for food. For these insects that “specialize” on a single plant, the fate of the insect is tied to the fate of the … Continue reading

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Black Friday Cat-erpillar (Frass) Blogging

This Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) includes deals on Butterfly Gardens for Children (no collection required), Plastic “bug totes” and 2 pound bags of insect frass. Insect frass is the polite term for the droppings that caterpillars produce when they … Continue reading

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Eating Turkey

Thanksgiving in the USA is a time when many families gather to eat turkey. Turkey is not only a popular meal for people. Several types of insects feed on turkey as well. One of the most common types of insects … Continue reading

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