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Futuristic Insects (according to Nintendo)

I’ve often wondered what the future of Earth and its life forms will be like.  Thinking back to what it was like before humans, the planet was inhabited by prehistoric creatures–among them were the earliest insects.  In fact, insects were … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Insect?

When the genearal publc thinks of insects, some of the first creatures that come to mind are ants, beetles, cockroaches, and other ground dwellers. The word “beauty” rarely comes to mind.  However, not every insect is a dark scurrying form that … Continue reading

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Music From Insects

Natural products produced by insects have a broad range of uses both currently and historically. Two insect products, beeswax and shellac were instrumental in the development of the phonograph and record technology. Sound recording was first invented in the 1850s … Continue reading

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Friday Cat-erpillar Blogging: Causing a Disturbance

Many forested areas contain multiple species of trees. How do “mixed stands” of trees form? Why do some forest stands have stands of trees that are in discreet age classes? A recent study of forests in Northern Minnesota links repeated … Continue reading

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Chic Head Lice Salon

A note from the school nurse that says, “Your child has head lice.” is enough to send many parents into a panic. Head lice are parasites of humans that have co-evolved with humans over several million years of our evolution. … Continue reading

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Smidgen Midges

The first warm days of spring in the Midwest bring a variety of flies. Many species of flies are tiny, less than a couple of mm in length. Among the tiny flies are midges of the family Chironomidae. The Chironomids … Continue reading

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Living With Bed Bugs

Bed bugs hide during the day and wander at night to feed on the blood of nearby sleeping humans. The inconspicuous habits make bed bugs difficult to detect and that in turn makes their control problematic. Bed bug control would … Continue reading

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