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Drink for the Cure?

Recently, I posted about adult male fruit flies imbibing alcohol after their courtship overtures were rejected by female fruit flies. Alcohol consumption is not confined to adult fruit flies. Immature fruit flies consume alcohol as well. Rotting fruit, the preferred … Continue reading

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Boring Beetles

This Spring, I will be adding posts from guest bloggers. This post is by badellin. Have you ever been sitting in traffic and seen a bumper sticker on a car that says, Don’t move firewood, it BUGS me!? I had … Continue reading

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Living With Bedbugs

Twenty years ago, bed bugs were an obscure pest rarely encountered by residents of the US. Today, bed bugs have resurged, invading human civilization from 5 star hotels to cruise ships, office suites, hospitals, stretch limos, dorm rooms and even … Continue reading

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Driven To Drink?

Fruit flies have been one of the most important genetic model organisms since Thomas Hunt Morgan brought them into his laboratory around 1908. Morgan would receive a Nobel Prize in 1933 for his work on Drosophila genetics. Drosophila is a … Continue reading

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Insects in Fashion….Wait What?

February 9th through February 16th is one of the biggest weeks in the city of New York for those who love fashion. It is the Mercedes Benz sponsored fashion week. Fashion designers, new and old, display their latest collections through … Continue reading

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Friday Cat-erpillar Blogging

When we eat our vegetables, we pick or cut off the part of the vegetable we eat and consume the entire piece shortly thereafter. Vegetable preparation often includes removing parts of the vegetable where the plant has mounted a “wound … Continue reading

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The Eyes of the (Cabbage) Whites

Temperatures in Tippecanoe County, Indiana are hovering around 80F on March 14, 2012.  Pieris rapae, the “Cabbage White” butterfly, (always one of the first butterflies of the year) has started flying already this year. (Why wait for Spring when Winter feels like … Continue reading

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