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Insect Reproductive Morphology

Insect taxonomists often must study the genitalia of insects to identify insect species. Some insect species resemble each other in most characters, but have distinctly different reproductive organs. The shape of the genitalia is important in mating. If the shape … Continue reading

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Living With Rare Insects

The Northern Damselfly aka the Spearhead Bluet, Coenagrion hastulatum is found throughout Northern EurAsia where it is not uncommon. Its western range extends into Scotland where it is rare and confined to a few small lochans. Development can cause local … Continue reading

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Animated Ants: Not So Accurate Anatomy

Insects commonly appear in movies and television shows. They make excellent villains to plague the human race, as well as interesting characters in productions targeted at children. How do movie-makers accurately represent insects on film? As a Computer Graphics major, … Continue reading

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Return of the Cicadas

Even if someone has not seen a cicada up close and personal, its call is familiar to most Indiana residents during the summer months.  In large numbers, the colloquially named “dog-day” cicadas can reach a loud volume, However, dog day … Continue reading

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Friday Cat-erpillar Blogging: A Prickly Problem

PLoS publishes an online journal of “Neglected Tropical Diseases”. The tropical areas often have lower density populations than temperate zones, and there are fewer scientists to investigate health issues. However, these “neglected” diseases can adversely affect many people. “Pararama associated … Continue reading

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Living With Insect Bites

The insects most likely to bite humans in Indiana are mosquitoes, flies, fleas and more recently bedbugs. Most blood feeding insects that pierce the skin have salivary secretions that are injected into the bite area. These secretions typically contain anti-coagulants, … Continue reading

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Climate for Disease

Some of the diseases that afflict humans living in or visiting tropical or subtropical areas are confined to those regions because of climate. As the climate warms, species that were excluded from much of the temperate zone by cold temperatures … Continue reading

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