Insect-Inspired Beauty: The Makeup Edition

This is for all the ladies out there…and for the men who appreciate good makeup.

Long has nature inspired art and jewelry, and lately all over the world, it has been inspiring creative makeup.  Insect-related designs have also gained popularity.

It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, really.  With all of the colors and styles from the insect world, there are a lot of options for eye makeup.  Butterflies and beetles in particular are popular, probably because they not only have the most color variety, but they also have iridescent properties. Although it’s rare that the makeup matches a particular insect species completely, occasionally an example of the pattern on the Monarch butterfly’s wings will pop up.

Below I have included an example of how Japanese pop star Koda Kumi did butterfly makeup a few years ago.  While the design is probably just generic, the colors remind me of the Morpho butterfly, which is known for its brilliant blue wings.

Left: Kumi, MTV
Right: Morpho, jneal

Interested in trying insect makeup? I highly recommend making up something on your own, since good tutorials are a dime a dozen.  However, I did find one that turned out beautifully.

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