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Easy? or Effective?

Many homeowners with pest problems and limited budgets turn to do-it-yourself products. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not understand how to use products effectively, are confused by the instructions (or don’t read them) and want to spend as little time as … Continue reading

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Insects Winning Academy Awards?

With Oscars done and over with (well until next year) got me thinking about movies involving insects. The first insect movie that came to my mind was A Bug’s Life released in 1998. A Bug’s Life was produced by Pixar … Continue reading

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Insect-Inspired Beauty: The Makeup Edition

This is for all the ladies out there…and for the men who appreciate good makeup. Long has nature inspired art and jewelry, and lately all over the world, it has been inspiring creative makeup.  Insect-related designs have also gained popularity. … Continue reading

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Bee Fly

The name, bee fly is commonly applied to numerous species of flies that resemble bees. Bee flies are some of the earliest pollinators to appear in Spring. Bee flies can be seen hovering in front of flowers, feeding on the … Continue reading

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Red Admiral Territories

This spring, in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, we have large flocks of Red Admiral butterflies. During the day, the butterflies, primarily males, congregate at sites that provide nectar or tree sap. However, in the evening, the flocks disperse. Where do they … Continue reading

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Friday Caterpillar Blogging: Red Admirals

2012 has been a banner year for Red Admiral Butterflies (Vanessa atalanta). We have flocks of red admirals on the bushes outside our Entomology building on the Purdue campus. I have also noted flocks of red admirals feeding on sap … Continue reading

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Living Underwater

With the exception of some insect larvae that possess true gills, insects that go underwater for extended periods (including all adult insects) must take their own oxygen with them. The diffusion rate of oxygen from water into the insect is … Continue reading

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