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Friday Cat-erpillar Blogging: Fiery Skipper

The Fiery Skipper, Hylephila phyleus, is one of the grass skippers. Larvae feed on grass and can cause brown spots in lawns. It is primarily a pest in states with warm winter temperatures. Damage is common enough that University of … Continue reading

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Termites Tunnel Fossils

Termites are known for feeding on wood, making tunnels and damaging wood structures. It is less well known that some termite species will feed on bones. Blackwell and colleagues have published a fascinating paper* about termite feeding on bones. They … Continue reading

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Gray Hairstreak

The Gray Hairstreak, Strymon melinus, is the most widespread Hairstreak butterfly in North America. The caterpillars feed on a wide variety of plants and often are found feeding on the fruits. Hosts include many plants in the pea, bean and … Continue reading

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Virtual Taxonomy

Flickr ® is a photo sharing site for photographers. Advances in digital imaging, both technical and affordability have created a climate for documenting and sharing photos from nature. Most of the insect subjects of the photos are common species, however, … Continue reading

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The Virtual Insect Collection

New advances in computers and digital imaging are shaping a new era in insect curation, the Virtual Collection. A number of research universities are making their collections “online” through the use of GigaPan and other technologies. In traditional insect collections, … Continue reading

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The Cockroach Tour

The Science Museum in London offers a “Cockroach Tour“. Visitors can sign up to wear a cockroach costume as they tour the museum exhibits. ‘Cockroaches as survivors’ is the idea behind the cockroach tour. Cockroaches roamed the earth over 300 … Continue reading

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West Nile Outbreak

As I mentioned, last week, CDC was worried about the high number of cases of West Nile Virus in July. Texas has had some of the highest number of cases. Dallas County, the most populous area of Texas has had … Continue reading

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