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Living With Oil Beetles

Beetles in the genus Meloe are collectively known as oil beetles. The beetles sequester toxic cantharidins from plants that protect the beetles from predators. When disturbed, the beetles will “reflex bleed” or release droplets from the leg joints. The droplets … Continue reading

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Bed Bugs at Christmas

For anyone who has bed bugs, getting rid of them is surely at the top of their Christmas wish list. The bed bug problem has become well established and in the forefront of the public psyche. Many are simply disgusted … Continue reading

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Living With Christmas Beetles

Here in Indiana, the cold temperatures, snow, howling winds and lack of food have forced beetles into overwintering sites. Down Under, Summer has just begun and Christmas there is greeted by summer insects. Scarab beetles in the genus Anoplognathus are … Continue reading

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Friday Cat-erpillar Blogging: Living With Densoviruses

Densoviruses are a group of DNA viruses that have been isolated from insects and crustaceans. The Densoviruses are pathogenic; they cause disease in their host insect. Denosviruses have been isolated from many economically important insect species and are of interest … Continue reading

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Living With Scent Glands

Insects secrete a variety of substances for purposes of communication and defense. Sometimes the best defense is communicating with the enemy. Insects may be inedible or unappetizing to predators. However, if a predator must bite the insect to discover its … Continue reading

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Merry Mantis Christmas

Many Americans will bring a cut Christmas tree into their home this holiday season. Sometimes, more than just the tree enters the house. Evergreen trees are home to many animals including small insects. Insects (or insect eggs) are occasionally brought … Continue reading

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Living With Insect Eggs

The eggs of insects consist of a nutrient yolk surrounded by a proteinaceous outer layer. In many insects, the eggs, when first laid, are soft and white or colorless. Over time the eggs harden and darken, often to a brown … Continue reading

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