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Preparing for the Future

Many insects can produce dozens to hundreds of offspring. Some social insects can produce orders of magnitude more. The number of eggs produced by an insect is a balance between the amount of nutrients the mother can acquire and the … Continue reading

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Living With Dangerous Roads

Insects have evolved in the absence of human modifications of the environment. Some human modifications interfere with appropriate insect behavior in ways that cause harm. Three Hungarian scientists, GYÖRGY KRISKA, GÁBOR HORVÁTH AND SÁNDOR ANDRIKOVICS* observed mayfly swarms in Hungary … Continue reading

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Living With Winter

Winter in Indiana is characterized by absence of most insect activity including mosquitoes. Mosquitoes spend the winter as eggs waiting for warmer wet weather that comes with Spring. Winter conditions can be harsh and eggs exposed to both freezing and … Continue reading

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Building the egg

The eggs of insects are complex structures with many adpatations that support the growth and development of the insect embryo. The chorion (shell) of an insect egg is produced by cells in the ovaries of female insects. The chorion provides … Continue reading

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Friday Cat-erpillar Blogging-In the Beginning

In the beginning, a caterpillar emerges from an egg. Mother Moth determines where to lay her eggs. The oviposition site is important with regard to proper nutrition for the caterpillar, protection against enemies and optimizing the microenvironmental conditions. Laying an … Continue reading

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Living With Agricultural Chemicals

The worst tragedies resulting from the use of insecticides and other agricultural chemicals invariably result from human error, incompetence and inadequate standards or regulations. In the 1970s, significant numbers of chemical company workers were poisoned by mismanagement of production of … Continue reading

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Insect Control and Sanitation

Sanitation is the the most important component of cockroach control. If cockroaches have access to water and plenty of food, no amount of insecticide spray will be effective. One dysfunctional tenant can breed enough cockroaches to over run an entire … Continue reading

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