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Living With Honeybee Friendly Hotels

Honeybees can thrive in urban as well as rural environments. In a previous post, I wrote about the bee hives at the White House. Bees can also be incorporated into Hotels and Resorts. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts prides itself in … Continue reading

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Friday Cat-erpillar Blogging: Silk Structure

Silk, produced by silk moths is a complex of several proteins. Long filaments are made of the protein fibroin of two types, a “light chain” and a “heavy chain”. The fibroins are produced in the posterior of the silk gland … Continue reading

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Living With Light Traps

Lights are often used to attract moths for the purposes of monitoring populations. However, not all lights are created equal. Depending on the materials and construction, light sources can vary widely in intensity and wavelengths of light. A recent study … Continue reading

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Living With Imported Pollinators

Honey bees are under stress in many areas and growers are evaluating alternatives to honey bee pollination. Bumblebees are a potential alternative and the worldwide trade in bumblebees for pollination services has increased. An estimated 1 million colonies of the … Continue reading

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Living With Bee Sting Therapy

Desperate to find relief from aches and pains that are not cured by traditional methods, people sometimes pursue alternative therapies. Nature provides hundreds of thousands of “natural products” for therapeutic trials. Bees and wasps produce venom that induces pain. Does … Continue reading

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Living With Insect Repellents

The Environmental Working Group is best known for its stance on the use of toxic chemicals in the environment and its “Dirty Dozen” & “Clean 15” lists. Good information and clearly presented facts are important in consumer decision. Informed consumers … Continue reading

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Bees Phone Home

The cell phone has led to the demise of the pay phone and left many abandoned phone booths in cities around the world. At the same time, bees are under stress and declining in some urban areas. Can the decline … Continue reading

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