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Living With Symbiont Defense

Rove beetles in the genus, Paederus cause painful dermatitis if crushed against the skin. A rash can last for 2-3 weeks causing the skin to blister. Outbreaks of the beetles in tropical area of Asia can lead to many cases … Continue reading

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Living With Exotic Beetles

Species that appear outside their native range are classified as exotic species. Exotic species may be well adapted or poorly adapted to their new environment. Those poorly adapted may fail to thrive and die out. Species that are well adaptive, … Continue reading

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Crazy Invasive Species

The “Rasberry Crazy Ant”, Nylanderia fulva, is an invasive species from South America. It was first discovered near Houston, Texas by an exterminator, Tom Rasberry. The ant was a pest not seen before and difficult to exterminate. The species could … Continue reading

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Friday Caterpillar Blogging: Puss Caterpillars

Puss caterpillars have “furry hairs” that resemble the fur of a pussy cat. Thus the name, puss caterpillar. However, don’t try to pet one like a pussy cat; the caterpillars have venomous spines and are among the most toxic caterpillars … Continue reading

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The Pain in Spain

The Tour of Spain along with the more famous Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia are the top three long distance bicycle races in Europe. Stinging insects can be a problem for bicyclists and this year’s (2013) Tour of … Continue reading

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Stinging Comments

The latest posts on fire ant stings and insect venom anaphylaxis have raised interesting comments and questions. Alex was surprised that allergic reaction in males was higher than females. In part, this is due to allergic response developing after multiple … Continue reading

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Stinging Statistics

Robert Pese and Richard Lockey have reviewed management practices for hypersensitivity to insect stings.* They report a number of interesting statistics. 1) Between 56% and 94% of adults worldwide have been stung by an insect at least once. 2) 55% … Continue reading

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