Asian Giant Hornet

Asian Giant Hornet

Asian Giant Hornet
Photo: Alpsdake, Wikimedia Commons

2013 has been a banner year for the Asian giant hornet, Vespa mandarinia, in China. Populations have thrived and boomed in the unseasonably dry and warm summer. Multiple stings from this hornet can cause anaphylaxis and renal failure. Hornet stings have killed forty two people and over injured 1600 already this year (2013) in Shaanxi Province. The Chinese government has dispatched hundred of extermination teams to destroy over 4500 wasp nests. The nests are approached at night when the wasps are inactive and torched. The efforts have been successful in dropping the number of attacks from up to 80 per day to just a few per day. No one has died in 6 days and the government claims to be in control.

As the climate warms, these wasps are spreading north into heavily populated industrial areas where there is more contact between the wasps and people. Finally the wasps are abandoning their nests and ready to overwinter. This should give people a break from the carnage; until next year.

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