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Getting the “Bugs” Out of Skittles

Food is cultural. Culture dictates the acceptability of food. In some cultures, acceptable food must be vegetarian (specific animal products excluded) or vegan (no animal products). Food producers marketing to the masses will try to be as inclusive as possible … Continue reading

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Shellac for Food Safety

Shellac is a natural product produced by the lac insect that is used for a variety of food coatings, often to protect vegetables and fruits. The coatings produce a thin film of shellac that forms a barrier, preventing the entry … Continue reading

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Living With Live Birth

Aphids are known for live birth. Instead of laying an egg, the egg stays within the female aphid and develops into a first instar larva. The first instar larva is immediately capable of feeding and continuing its development. The mother … Continue reading

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Living With Shellac

Shellac is made from the waxy secretions of scale insects, primarily from Kerria lacca. Shellac has been produced and used in Southern Asia for centuries. People continue to develop new applications for shellac. In 2010, Shellac treatments for nails were … Continue reading

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Potato Psyllids and Zebra Chips

Zebra chip is a potato disease named for the effect on potato chip production. Potatoes with this disease produce chips with dark “zebra” stripes instead of the light tan color associated with quality potato chips. Zebra chip disease is primarily … Continue reading

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Friday Cat-erpillar Blogging: Up Up and Away

Gypsy moth female adults are flightless. This means much of the spread of the species is due to human movement of items containing females or eggs. Another source of dispersal is walking by females or caterpillars or caterpillars can leave … Continue reading

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Ant Man, Ants & Telepathy

A new comic book superhero movie is in the works, Ant-Man, scheduled for Summer 2015. Insect-themed superheroes often have one or two features attributable to the insect, for example: ‘an ant capable of lifting many times its own weight’ translates … Continue reading

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