The Lesser House Fly

Lesser House Fly Larva

Lesser House Fly Larva
Photo: Ken Walker, Museum Victoria

Most people are familiar with the common house fly that enters houses and has the unappetizing behavior of landing on food. Sometimes people notice another fly, slightly smaller than a House Fly, the Lesser House Fly, Fannia canicularis. The Lesser House Fly does not land frequently, but flies continuously in well lit areas. Like the House Fly, the Lesser House Fly has been transported through livestock movement and can be found globally.

Both House Flies and Lesser House Flies are scavengers that feed on manure and decaying vegetation. Both are common pests of chicken houses and pens where chicken manure accumulates. The larvae of the Lesser House Fly are readily distinguishable from the House Fly by spines protruding from the abdominal and thoracic segment. The larva is flattened, not rounded.

Ken Walker Museum Victoria

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