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Avoiding Deer Flies

Deer flies are an annoyance to humans but they may be an even greater annoyance to deer. Norwegian scientists* observed the reaction of red deer to deer flies in the family Tabanide. They observed on days when deer were under … Continue reading

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There Will Bee a Delay

From HardballTalk, we learn that the March 18 exhibition baseball game between the Yankees and the RedSox was delayed due to a “swarm of bees” in left field. There are no pictures of the bees, but is the ID correct? … Continue reading

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Life in the Arctic

Life in the arctic is cold. Some insects have adapted to the cold weather including many species of Diptera (flies). Cranes flies, which superficially resemble giant mosquitos can be abundant in some arctic locations. The northern range of some species … Continue reading

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Friday Cat-erpillar Blogging: Takers

Niphanda fusca, a Lycaenid butterfly found in Thailand has an unusual life cycle. The larvae feed on the honeydew of aphids during the first two instars. The third instar larvae have distinct morphological differences from the earlier instars. They develop … Continue reading

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The Jump of the Flea

Insects have the amazing ability to jump hundreds of times their body length, something no normal human can do. Jumping fleas were a source of amazement in flea circuses. However it was not until the 1960s that the mechanism was … Continue reading

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Honey Bee Stings

An interesting feature of the reproductive systems of male and worker honeybees is their relative ease of detachment. Male honey bees mate with a queen while flying through the air. Shortly after mating, a male will backflip off the queen. … Continue reading

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The Tiniest Flea

The tiniest member of the Order Siphonaptera (Fleas) is Tunga penetrans, a mere 1 mm in length. Although most fleas and males of this species are ectoparasites, female Tunga penetrans burrow under the skin. The fleas use a number of … Continue reading

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