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Termites Eating Together

The West African termite Schedorhinotermes lamanianus forages outside the nest. Foraging workers are at risk from predators, especially ants. Workers are guarded by minor soldiers as they travel along the trails and feed at their feeding sites. The workers aggregate … Continue reading

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La Brea Insects

The tar pits at La Brea are best known for bones of large prehistoric vertebrates that were preserved when large animals wandered into the area, died and sank below the tar. Less well known are the fossil invertebrates. The PAGE … Continue reading

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Adaptations of Blood Feeders

Blood is a source is a protein-rich nutrient for many insects. Small blood feeding insects such as fleas and lice are flattened and resistant to being dislodged by the host. Larger blood feeders such as bed bugs, mosquitoes and biting … Continue reading

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Friday Cat-erpillar Blogging: Compatible Caterpillar Conditions

My friends in Manitoba, Canada are experiencing outbreaks of not one but two tree defoliating caterpillars this summer. After experiencing smaller but increased numbers of Forest Tent Caterpillars in 2013, populations in 2014 are creating notable defoliation. Forest tent caterpillars … Continue reading

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Termite Bomb Squad

Termites harbor microbial symbionts that can metabolize a wide range of substances. To the benefit of termites, symbionts metabolize cellulose and produce nutrients such as vitamins and amino acids. Some termite symbionts are capable of nitrogen fixation and metabolism of … Continue reading

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Insects Attend World Cup

Brazil is famous for its insect diversity. Some visitors to the world cup have received an warm welcome from the insect world. Nando Muslera, goalie for the Uraguay national team had difficulties keeping ants out of his training camp bed. … Continue reading

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Killing Flies With Sweetener

It started as a sixth grade science project. When his parents stopped using artificial sweetners, Simon D. Kaschock-Marenda wanted to know if they were harmful. He chose Drosophila as his test animals. There are few restrictions on working with insects … Continue reading

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