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Yellow Fever in Cuba

In 1898, the United States fought a war against Spain for possession of the Spanish colonies. Cuba had been in rebellion against Spain and the Spanish forces in Cuba were weakened by Yellow Fever and other diseases. The US entered … Continue reading

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Chikungunya Virus Update

Many Caribbean nations are experiencing outbreaks of Chikungunya Virus. This is affecting the US with many more cases of Chikungunya Virus from tourists returning to the US. According to the CDC the average number of reports in 2006 – 2013 … Continue reading

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Yellow Fever and Independence

Haiti was the first Caribbean Island to gain its independence from European colonialism in 1804. In 1791, a slave revolt launch a series of engagements of former slaves against France Britain and Spain. The British seized control of the entire … Continue reading

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Diptera and Slugs

Tetanocera elata is in the family Sciomyzidae that contains several species that are predators and parasitoids of slugs. It spends its first 2 larval instars as a slug parasitoid, then becomes a predator of other slugs species to develop into … Continue reading

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Insects, Amber, Art

The movie and book, Jurassic Park, sparked interest in amber containing fossil insects, particularly among people interested in other areas of science and technology. Guy Inannuzzi became hooked on fossils in amber and applied his skills in optics and photography … Continue reading

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Vegetable Leaf Miner

Do your tomato plants look healthy but the leaves look like something is making tunnels? That might be the work of the vegetable leaf miner, the larva of a fly, Liriomyza brassicae. Vegetable leafminers pupate in soil and develop into … Continue reading

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Friday Cat-erpillar Blogging: Caterpillar Encounter

This weekend Purdue Entomology will have our annual Tippecanoe Butterfly Encounter from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Evonik Corporation, Tippecanoe Laboratories Wildlife Habitat Area. This is a great opportunity for the public to learn more about nature and some … Continue reading

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