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The Eye of the Ant

This image of an ant’s eye by Noah Fram won Honorable Mention at 2014 Small World. The visual units (ommatidia) are hexagonal, have a lens that is secreted by the underlying cells and contain multiple receptors that are tuned to … Continue reading

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The Plague Continues

The bubonic plague has been reduced to a low incidence level in most of the world. Our understanding of disease transmission and the importance of controlling both the rodent population and the flea vectors have dampened the large uncontrollable outbreaks … Continue reading

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Friday Cat-erpillar Blogging: Have a Heart

Insects have pumps to make body fluid flow between areas of the body. The largest of these fluid pumps is the Dorsal Vessel, or insect heart. The Dorsal Vessel has rhythmic contractions that pump fluid from the abdominal cavity into … Continue reading

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Living With Egg Rafts

Mosquitoes in the genus Culex lay eggs in groups that form rafts and float on the water. An ovipositing female mosquito will manipulate the eggs as they are laid such that the anterior end of the egg is facing downward. … Continue reading

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Living With Vector Biology

Global political power is often exercised through the use of military deployments to foreign lands. One limitation to the use of military force has been foreign diseases and susceptibility of troops to diseases. Large armies were deployed by global powers … Continue reading

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Resistance To Yellow Fever

Annually, over a quarter million people (mostly in the tropics) are estimated to contract yellow fever and about 30,000 die, a rate slightly over 10 percent. This rate does not reflect the experience in all populations. The United States suffered … Continue reading

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Answering The Alarm

Adult Seven-Spot Lady Beetles, Coccinella septempunctata, spend much of the time in search for aphid prey. Cues such as aphid honeydew can elicit intense searching by the beetle. The beetles are also capable of detecting and following aphid alarm pheromone. … Continue reading

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