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Living With Dmel\Orco

Evolution produces millions of modifications on a theme. Biologists try to catalog and name them in a systematic way. A useful classification system can persist for centuries. The systematic classification of Linnaeus has been in use for over 260 years. … Continue reading

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Living With Cryptocercus garciai

Previously, I posted about the several species of Cryptocercus wood roaches and the species descriptions. One species described in the 1999 paper, Cryptocercus garciai, was named after Rock Muscian, Jerry Garcia, of the Greatful Dead. It has been noted that … Continue reading

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Hearing the Problem

Problems that require coordination among individuals often cannot be fixed without government help. Government has the ability to pass and enforce regulations that require people to cooperate for the common good. On December 3, 2014, the Philadelphia City Council conducted … Continue reading

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Bed Bug Tattoo

Bed bugs inject saliva under the skin. The saliva contains anti-coagulants, and anesthetics that facilitate bed bug feeding. Human immune cells recognize and remove these substances. The process involves the aggregation of many immune cells at the site of the … Continue reading

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Pest Control Fail

The electronic fly swatter, is an odd device. A cross between a bug zapper and a tennis racket, the device can be used to incinerate insects and other small arthropods. Curious as to who would buy one, I asked my … Continue reading

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Entomology at the Shopping Mall

I am not a big fan of shopping malls. However, this article about a shopping trip to the Southland Mall in Hayward, California piqued my interest. A woman shopping for dresses went to the fitting room to try one on. … Continue reading

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Christmas Tree Quarantine

Americans enjoy cut Christmas Trees. Around 33 million trees were purchased in 2013. Many trees are grown and sold locally. However, more remote areas may ship trees long distances. There is a risk that any plant in an area with … Continue reading

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