Scoripion + Centipede Arthritis Treatment

House Centipede

House Centipede

Folk Medicine has relied on nature’s chemical factories for therapeutic agents. Arthropods produce a vast array of chemicals that have been selected for their utility. Modern medicine is investigating folk remedies to discover useful agents.

For treatment of arthritis, Chinese medicine uses a mixture of products from the Chinese scorpion, Mesobuthus martensii & red headed centipede Scolopendrd subspinipes mutilans. A powder made from these arthropods was tested on laboratory rats* and found to be effective in treating arthritis. The medicine appears to work by its effects on the immune system. Arthropod chemistry has an important role in developing new therapeutic agents.

*Duan-Yong Liu, Hai-Mei Zhao, Shao-Min Cheng, Yi Rao, Xiao-Ying Huang, Zhi-Qin Zuo, Meng Lei, Yong-Mei Guan, Hong-Ning Liu, Ai-Ping Lu. Scorpio and Scolopendra attenuate inflammation and articular damage in rats with collagen-induced arthritis, Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 141, Issue 2, 1 June 2012, Pages 603-607.

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