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Living With Insect Names

All organisms are given a Latin binomial name consisting of the Genus name (given to all the most closely related species) and a species name which is often either descriptive or made in honor (or dishonor) of an individual. A … Continue reading

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Living With Mosquito Control Products

The US Federal Trade Commission motto is: Protecting America’s Consumers. This is an important job, especially when it comes to products whose effectiveness consumers are not in a position to evaluate. Today the FTC filed a complaint against Viatek Consumer … Continue reading

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Living With Mosquito Control

Some places lack concerted mosquito control and abatement. Individuals fend for themselves with a variety of products. Mosquito coils are commonly used in parts of the world to deter mosquitos. They are rated at about 80% effective in detering mosquitoes. … Continue reading

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Ash and Insects

Ash, the residue left from burning fuel such as wood is a readily available product of civilization that has a variety of uses. Ash can be abrasive and have some insect deterrent effect. Some cultures have traditionally mixed ash with … Continue reading

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Living With Carnival

Tonight is the last night of carnival as revelers take to the streets in dazzling costume displays. No Carnival or Mardi Gras is complete with out insects. This year has some fine insect displays, although none quite match the giant … Continue reading

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Scorpions on the Plane

A flight from LA to Portland returned to the gate at LA after a woman was stung by a scorpion.  The flight crew immediately subdued the 8-legged terrorist killing it instantly without help from Samuel Jackson (Snakes on a Plane). … Continue reading

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Milkweed For Monarchs

Soon, the Monarchs in Mexico will head north and begin to lay their eggs on milkweed.   Milkweed is native to eastern Texas which is one of the first oviposition sites available to migrants heading north.  A robust milkweed population could help the … Continue reading

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