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Living With Artificial Light

Human civilization brings light into the darkness, mostly for a matter of public safety. However, artificial lighting can interfere with natural insect behavior that depends on darkness. A group of scientists surveyed* Photinus fireflires before and after the installation of … Continue reading

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Fleas and Rats in New York City

The Norway rat, Rattus norvegicus, is an invasive species with a world wide distribution. It is considered a native to East Asia and mistakenly linked to Norway (a misperception that won’t go away). It is presently the dominant rat species in … Continue reading

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Flea Season

Warm weather brings pets into contact with cat fleas. Cat flea larvae develop off the host.  Adult fleas wait patiently for a warm animal to pass near enough to hop on.  Once your pet has fleas, the female fleas will produce … Continue reading

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Endangered By Climate Change

In a previous post, I discussed the Western Glacier Stonefly, Zapada glacier that is threatened with extinction from climate change. The USGS has not made a final ruling placing this species on the endangered species list because they have no … Continue reading

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Pollination Plans Overturned

Springtime the trees and flowers are blooming. Plants produce flowers to attract pollinators. At the high densities that many crops are planted, the ability of native pollinators to fully pollinate the crop is overwhelmed and the crop yield is limited … Continue reading

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Plague In North America

The Bubonic Plague caused large numbers of deaths in Europe and Asia in the 1300s.  The bacterium that causes the disease, Yersinia pestis, is harbored in the rodent population. Stowaway rodents on ships are implicated in spreading the plague from Asia to … Continue reading

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Insect Tall Tales

As long as there have been photographs, there has been “trick” photography. In the early 1900s, E. D. Conrad superimposed images of people and insects in ways that made the insects look gigantic. Travelers sent thousands of these cards to … Continue reading

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