Springtails in Trees


Entomobrya albocincta
Photo: Adrian Jones

Most species of Collembola (Springtails) are edaphic (live in soil), but some species have adapted to an arboreal life. Arboreal springtails are typically associated with the bark. In some studies (HIJII*) springtails dominate as the most numerous individuals and represent a substantial portion of the arthropod biomass. Collembola species found in trees are not only those that are strictly arboreal, but also species that are primarily edaphic have been collected from trees as well.

The genus Entomobrya is common in forests. Species can have colorful markings which are useful in their identification.

Naoki HIJII. 1986. Density, Biomass, and Guild Structure of Arboreal Arthropods as Related to Their Inhabited Tree Size in a Cryptomeria japonica Plantation. Ecol. Research 1: 97-118.

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