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Don’t Feed the Squirrels!

Yosemite National Park is increasing efforts to monitor and suppress bubonic plague after a child who visited the Park in July contracted plague. The child has since recovered due to early diagnosis and treatment. The National Park Services has posted … Continue reading

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Cochineal On Exhibit

The Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, NM has an exhibit about cochineal and its historical uses called, The Red That Colored The World. Cochineal is a scale insect used to make the red dye carmine. Cochineal scale … Continue reading

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Aphids and Disease

Aphids are a concern in many crops because of their ability to transmit viruses. Aphid mouthparts drill through a plant’s protective tissues and insert their mouthparts directly into the phloem. When an aphid feeds, it can acquire viruses from infected … Continue reading

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What the Aphids Are Eating

Many aphid species provide ants with honeydew and ants in turn provide aphids with protection: a mutualistic interaction. A gall aphid, Paracletus cimiciformis follows this paradigm but also has interctions not beneficial to ants. The primary host of the aphid … Continue reading

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What’s Eating the Aphids?

Entomologists who study predator prey interactions must find creative ways to identify the predators. A single crop such as wheat can have over 100 taxa that are potential predators. Which species eat aphids and which do not? The answer to … Continue reading

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Ants In Cars

It must be a slow news day when ants in cars are a top story. A story popping up on the internet today involves a family who left an SUV in an airport parking lot in Charlotte, NC for 10 … Continue reading

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June Beetles and Digger Wasps

I had several reports of large flights of the Green June Beetle this summer over the last several weeks. The males fly low to the ground actively searching for females. After mating, the females begin laying eggs in tunnels in … Continue reading

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