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Living With Anti-Freeze

Some Collembola (Springtails) are active in winter and can beĀ seen hopping on top of the snow. Species such as Hypogastrura harveyi are given the name “snow fleas”. How do they withstand the cold? Hypogastrura harveyi makes proteins that inhibit the … Continue reading

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Springtail Eyes

Springtails are small hexapods that are adapted to a wide diversity of climates. One species, Gomphiocephalus hodgsoni can be found in Antarctica, one of the few hexpods able to survive the extreme cold. Collembola have small heads and little spaceĀ for … Continue reading

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Living With Zygentoma

Throughout much of the 20th century the Zygentoma (silverfish and relatives) were lumped together with the Archeognatha, or jumping bristle tails in an order known as Thysanura. Today the jumping bristletails are placed in their own Order, Archeognatha. With all … Continue reading

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The Iowa Invasion

2016 is an election year which means the political invasion in Iowa is in full force. Meanwhile, a quieter invader is lurking in the trees. The Emerald Ash borer has just been found in Des Moines. Unlike the political invaders, … Continue reading

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Living With Oxygen

Insects are known to feed on very dry substances (such as seeds, hair & flour) without the need to drink water. How do insects remain hydrated with nothing to drink? Metabolic water. In the process of turning sugar into energy, … Continue reading

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The Dirt on Fleas

My colleague Mike Dryden, who has spent his career studying fleas on pets, has a very informative YouTube video called, The Dirt on Fleas. The video outlines a basic strategy for minimizing flea problems. When fleas on a pet become … Continue reading

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Bed Bug Home Remedy

Bed bugs can be difficult to eliminate even for pest control professionals. Homeowners can have a more difficult time and can become desperate for relief. Some turn to home remedies that can be dangerous. The Detroit Free Press describes what … Continue reading

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