Protesting With Insects


Crickets Used for Protest
Image: The Guardian

Activists upset with the arrest of immigrants at London food restaurants retaliated by releasing locusts, crickets, and cockroaches at two restaurants last Friday. The restaurants closed, but reopened Saturday after a slight delay as the establishments were treated with insecticides by a pest control company. Protesters released the insects after undocumented immigrants were detained by authorities.

Pest control companies were called to treat the premises and eliminate the infestation in time for a slightly delayed opening on Saturday. Protesting with insects does not cause lasting damage but is an inconvenient minor expense for the establishments. Will it become a trend? It is certainly a headline grabber. It is a temporary nuisance that can be quickly remediated by modern insect control methods.

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Jonathan Neal is an Associate Professor of Entomology at Purdue University and author of the textbook, Living With Insects (2010). This blog is a forum to communicate about the intersection of insects with people and policy. This is a personal blog. The opinions and materials posted here are those of the author and are in no way connected with those of my employer.
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