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From Food to Art

Sculpture Jan Fabre incorporates Jewel Beetles into many of his works of art such as the globe pictured at left. Jewel Beetles have a captivating iridescence that adds color and sparkle. The color is not constant but changes with the … Continue reading

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Living With Blackness

The bright colors of some insects are often the ones that capture our attention.  Black can be dull and overlooked.  However, black can be a sign of important biological processes.  The color we see as black is caused by the … Continue reading

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Butterfly Bright Idea

The swallowtail butterfly, Papilio nireus, has a beautiful green fluorescent wing band. The wing fluoresces at a wavelength that is in tune with the principle light receptor pigment in the compound eyes of adult butterflies. Producing an intense fluorescence is key to … Continue reading

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Living With Black Scales

Butterflies typically produce black wings using the pigment melanin. The melanin is incorporated into the cuticle secreted to form the scale. Scales are not solid structures; they have nano-structure. Scales have airspaces, and internal features such as ridges and spikes … Continue reading

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The Original Impressionists

The wings of butterflies, like the wings of flies and bees are clear.  The chitin/protein composite secreted to make the wing membrane is transparent.  The color of butterfly wings is due entirely to the presence of scales.  Rub the scales … Continue reading

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Living With Scales

The wings of butterflies and moths are covered with scales.  Scales are modified hairs.  A hair is formed by a hair cell that secretes a linear strand of cuticle.  Scales form when secreted cuticle instead of growing as a linear … Continue reading

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Butterflies: Billboards With A Fixed Message

Butterflies use their wings as colorful billboards to communicate to other animals. Aposematic colors may say, “I am toxic.”. Cryptic colors may say, “I am not a butterfly, I am a dead leaf.” A mimic may use color to say, … Continue reading

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