Strange Political Bedfellows

Bed Bug

Underside of Immature Bed Bug

In the down and dirty of American politics, if you don’t like a politician, you can sue them. Our media promote such stories to generate ad revenue by getting clicks from readers who are bored by policy. Hillary Clinton is being sued by opposition research groups over her actions as Secretary of State. Donald J Trump is being sued by people who paid fees to Trump University. Now one of Donald Trump’s properties, Trump National Doral Miami, is being sued by a customer, a Mr. Eric Linder, who is asking for $15,000 claiming bed bug bites that left welts, lumps, spots on his face, neck, and arm.

Many people file lawsuits. Many fewer are awarded damages. Bed bugs are commonplace in all hotels, even the five star variety. Most hotels have a bedbug inspection and management process for the protection of their customers. This gives them some protection from lawsuits based on negligent management. The problem for hotels is customers with baggage containing bedbugs. An infestation can be created overnight from an unwary customer. Most complaints are settled out of court. However, in cases of negligence, damages can be awarded. One of the highest awards was for $100,000 by a woman who stayed at a Red Roof Inn in D.C. Good hotels will give you a new room and often a refund if you find bedbugs in one their rooms.

It is not unusual for any hotel on occasion to get bedbugs and have pest control remove them.  It is not uncommon for customers of five star hotels to encounter bedbugs on some of their visits.  However, it is news if the story is linked to a prominent politician.  The thirst for something new in a process as intensely reported as a presidential election can make the media, politicians and bedbugs strange bedfellows.

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Jonathan Neal is an Associate Professor of Entomology at Purdue University and author of the textbook, Living With Insects (2010). This blog is a forum to communicate about the intersection of insects with people and policy. This is a personal blog. The opinions and materials posted here are those of the author and are in no way connected with those of my employer.
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