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Living With Insects In the Home

A wide range of arthropod species will invade western style homes generating many complaints from homeowners and fueling a lucrative pest control industry. A group of scientists documented the arthropod species found in North Carolina homes and found a range … Continue reading

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Centipede Defense Against Microbes

Centipedes live and hunt in decaying organic matter, a substrate teeming with bacteria, fungi and other potentially harmful microorganisms. The Brazilian centipede, Scolopendra viridicornis is known to have medicinal properties. The centipedes are dried and the powder used for a … Continue reading

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Strange Political Bedfellows

In the down and dirty of American politics, if you don’t like a politician, you can sue them. Our media promote such stories to generate ad revenue by getting clicks from readers who are bored by policy. Hillary Clinton is being … Continue reading

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Zika Update: Miami Beach

Zika has now spread from a section of Miami (Wynwood) to Miami beach. Five new cases of locally transmitted Zika from Miami Beach have been confirmed. The CDC has issued a travel warning for Miami Beach. The risk of transmission … Continue reading

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Living With Regeneration

Centipedes have one pair of legs per body segment. A typical house centipede has 15 pairs of legs. Centipede legs are thin, fragile and subject to loss in encounters with predators or other mishaps. Centipedes groom their legs several times per … Continue reading

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Living With Arthropod Venom

Many people receive bites and stings from venomous arthropods every year. These events are rarely lethal. Anaphylactic response to the venom is a factor in most all cases of mortality. People in the US are most afraid of spiders, particularly … Continue reading

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Living With The Miami Tiger Beetle

The Miami Tiger Beetle is only found in unique habitats south of Miami, FL known as the Pine Rocklands. This is a disturbance habitat maintained by periodic fires. These habitats are few in number and contain many unique species. For years, … Continue reading

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