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Living With Zika Effects

Much of the study and worry about Zika is over its potential to cause birth defects including microcephaly. Zika is known to invade the testes and be sexually transmitted in sperm for 80 days. Scientists* have been studying its effects … Continue reading

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Composing Music With Ants

Artist and musician, Ben Patterson was a classically trained bass player born in 1936. As an African American, no US symphony orchestra of the day would hire him.  He played music in Canada and with the integrated US Army’s symphony … Continue reading

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Living With Beetle Hounds

Asian Lady Beetles are predators of aphids. In years when aphid populations are high, the population of Asian Lady Beetles increases. Asian Lady Beetles often overwinter in human structures. In years of high Lady Beetle Populations, the numbers present inside … Continue reading

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Friday Cat-erpillar Blogging: Living With Cocoonase

Silkworm larvae spin a very tight cocoon, a protective case where pupation occurs. The adult moth emerges inside the cocoon and must then escape. How? Butterflies and moths have long coiled sucking mouthparts, unsuitable for making an exit hole in … Continue reading

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Living With Cannibalistic Mates

In some matings of praying mantids, the female will consume the body of the male after mating is complete. Insect biologists have debated whether or not being consumed by his mate is beneficial to the male mantid. Brown and Barry* … Continue reading

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“Germ” Free Cockroaches

Cockroaches, like most organisms, have microorganisms that colonize the gut. What do the microorganisms do and what difference do they make? Gnotobiotic cockroaches (cockroaches reared in a sterile environment are a potentially useful model system for answering these questions.  Cockroaches … Continue reading

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Living With Termite Swarms II

Fiji experienced large termite swarms in 2011. In 2016, they are back. The swarms engulfed towns across Lautoka, Fiji in September and October of 2016.  Residents reported fleeing their homes when millions of termites poured out of the floorboards.  People … Continue reading

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