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Zika Transmission in Texas

The Texas Department of State Health Services reported on November 28, 2016 the first documented case of Zika transmission in Texas from Cameron County along the Mexican border. A woman tested positive for Zika virus in urine but not blood indicating … Continue reading

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Vive La Différence

If two sounds of different frequencies are played together, they can produce a “difference tone” or a sound that has a frequency that is determined by subtracting the frequency of the lower tone from the higher tone. For example, two adjacent … Continue reading

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The Mechanics of Hearing

Flies such as Drosophila hear with their antennae. The base of the antennae, the Johnston’s organ vibrates in response to vibrations in the air (sound). The vibrations mechanically move hairs that are innervated by sound detectors. How is the vibration … Continue reading

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Centipede Art

This foreboding image of the fangs of the centipede, Lithobius erythrocephalus, won 13th place at the 2016 Nikon Small World Photomicrography contest. The use of digital stacking keeps the details of the fangs in focus as well as the mouth cavity … Continue reading

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Living With Bat Detectors

Hawkmoths fly at night and are tasty prey for bats. Some hawkmoths have evolved the ability to detect the ultrasonic sounds emitted by bat sonar. The Death Head Hawkmoth and some other moths in the Choerocampina, use a sound detection … Continue reading

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Heard A Mile Away

The Bladder Grasshopper of South Africa, Bullacris membracioides, has a sound detection system that can detect mating calls at great distance. This grasshopper does not have a tympanum like many of the grasshopper species. Instead it has a series of … Continue reading

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Hearing Bats

Most of the 350000 species of beetles are deaf. Only two groups of beetles are known to detect airborne sounds: a few night flying scarab beetles and some tiger beetles*. Both groups of beetles display bat evasion behaviors triggered by … Continue reading

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