Antarctotrechus balli, Extinct Antarctic Beetle


Antarctotrechus balli Fossil
Image: Allan Ashworth

Antarctica probably has a wealth of extinct fossil insects. However, due to harsh conditions, including rocks covered with glaciers, prospecting for insect fossils is difficult. Allan Ashworth and Terry Erwin describe a ground beetle, Antarctotrechus balli. The fossil consists of only the elytra, the hard beetle forewings. The beetle went extinct around 14 mya when its tundra habitat disappeared due to changing climate. The Antarctic fossil was found in a rock outcropping that towers over the snowpack.

Allan C. Ashworth, Terry L. Erwin. Antarctotrechus balli sp. n. (Carabidae, Trechini): the first ground beetle from Antarctica. ZooKeys 635: 109-122 (23 Nov 2016)

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