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Insects As Architects?

The Monmouth Museum in Lincroft, NJ has a current exhibit: Animal Architects. The exhibit features the work of New Jersey Artists that depict modification of the environment by animals including insects. Some modification are made by building such as mud … Continue reading

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Weather Channel Warning

The Weather Channel provides information on severe weather, storms, floods, earthquakes and other natural phenomena that may disrupt daily life.  They have added a new warning:  Fire Ants.  Tropical Storm Cindy left flooding in its wake including many areas containing … Continue reading

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Oregon Silverspot Butterfly

The Oregon Silverspot Butterfly is a threatened species that lives in disturbed habitats along the coasts of California and Oregon. It has been sighted in Washington in the past but not recently. It has been reduced from 20 locations to … Continue reading

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Pump It Up

Butterfly mouthparts are long tubes that can be inserted into the narrow channels formed by flowers to reach a nectar reward. Flying or walking while dragging an extended tube would be awkward. Packaging the mouthparts into a tightly coiled tube … Continue reading

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Living On Nectar

Many butterflies visit flowers to obtain nectar, a fluid produced by flowers that contains sugars and other nutrients. Flowers often restrict access to nectar by their shape. A long tube such as the proboscis of a butterfly is necessary to … Continue reading

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Know Your Insects

Firefighters in Hamburg, Germany were called to an historic church by reports of smoke rising from the building. Upon arrival, the firefighters found no smoke and no fire. What they did find was a swarm of gnats above the roof … Continue reading

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Living With Antarctic Insects

Humans have been living on the continent of Antarctica for decades in bases heated to temperatures that support human life. Those conditions also support insects associated with human habitation. The house fly is now a permanent resident of Antarctica living … Continue reading

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