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Estimating Bed Bug Infestations

People who discover bed bugs in their home often wonder when the bugs were introduced. This is an important question as it could shed light on where the bugs originated by matching the timeframe of the infestation with overnight stays … Continue reading

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Living With Yellow Jackets

Fishermen and boaters on the Flint River in Southern Georgia have a new worry: Yellow Jackets. This photo taken by fisherman Lee Harper shows a nest over 4 feet wide attached to a stump in mid stream. Mr Harper reported … Continue reading

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Living With Plague

In all of 2016, there were 4 cases of bubonic plague reported from New Mexico. In June 2017, 3 cases have been reported already that have required hospitalization. Public health officials are trying to determine the environmental factors related to … Continue reading

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Living With Venom Allergies

Allergic reactions to insect venoms are a health hazard for many people. Those with known sensitivities can carry doses of epinephrine. Many beekeepers keep EpiPens.  These have made news over alleged manufacturer price gouging.  Less expensive alternatives are available such … Continue reading

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Fly and Presidents

As long as presidents give speeches outdoors, there will be flies. In an age where every moment is recorded on camera, there will be videos of presidents and flies. Former US President Obama famously dispatched an annoying fly with quick … Continue reading

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Insects As Architects?

The Monmouth Museum in Lincroft, NJ has a current exhibit: Animal Architects. The exhibit features the work of New Jersey Artists that depict modification of the environment by animals including insects. Some modification are made by building such as mud … Continue reading

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Weather Channel Warning

The Weather Channel provides information on severe weather, storms, floods, earthquakes and other natural phenomena that may disrupt daily life.  They have added a new warning:  Fire Ants.  Tropical Storm Cindy left flooding in its wake including many areas containing … Continue reading

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