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Bugging The Clinton Center

Xtreme BUGS is an exhibit of 20 giant animatronic bugs that are staged in larger than life habitats including “a dewy rainforest floor, the expanse of sub-Saharan Africa, a gentle meadow, and a boggy burrow”.┬áThe exhibit allows viewers to experience … Continue reading

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Life Is Cheap

South Korean born artist Anicka Yi is winner of a Hugo Boss Prize for contemporary art. Her work appears in New York’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum from April 21 to July 5, 2017. As explained in a feature about the … Continue reading

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Living With Sunday Funnies

Who knew dead flies could be so funny? Artist Magnus Muhr combined his collection of artistically posed dead flies with sketches to give his flies an anthropomorphic context. Want more? Magnus has published a book, The Life of Fly

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Off The Page

The artistic nature illustrations of Maria Sibylla Merian have had a revived interest with a re-issue of her book, Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensium. Her wonderful illustrations have inspired taxidermist and artist Jeremy Johnson to render 3 dimensional sculptures of her illustrations. … Continue reading

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Living With Cricket King Cake

Mardi Gras is Tuesday, February 28, 2017 and New Orleans prepared. The festival features parades with floats, music and exotic cuisine. A Mardi Gras favorite is king cake with its traditional purple, gold and green sprinkles. This year (2017) the … Continue reading

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Living With Nature Drawings

The printing press made images widely available to the public in the 17th century. Drawings of animals were popular, especially those that accurately captured details of insect life history. Drawings such as the one at left convey information about lifecycle, … Continue reading

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Living With Insect Art

Artist Aganetha Dyck has been working with honeybees for 20 years. Her honeybee art involves placing objects in bee hives where they are covered with wax by the bees. Unfortunately, her exposure to bees has led to an allergy to … Continue reading

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