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Living With Drought

The drought in California has been in the news for awhile, especially since the ban on watering lawns is starting to affect the behaviors and preferences of individuals. The drought will eventually end, but the California landscape will be changed. Large numbers … Continue reading

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Living With Repiratory Proteins

The current evidence suggests that insects have a crustacean ancestor.  One of the major traits separating insects from crustaceans is the tracheal system of insects.   This series of tubes forms an internal network that can deliver oxygen to every … Continue reading

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Living With Halteres

Flies belong to the order Diptera, which means “two wings”. Flies use the forewings for flight and the hindwings are modified to form sensory structures called halteres. The first written reference to halteres and their function may be by English … Continue reading

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Living Without Wings

A commonly heard complaint among small wingless arthropods, “We never go anywhere!” Powered flight gives insects a great advantage of controlled aerial movement from place to place. Small wingless species can travel through the air, but often with little control … Continue reading

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Friday Cat-erpillar Blogging: Have a Heart

Insects have pumps to make body fluid flow between areas of the body. The largest of these fluid pumps is the Dorsal Vessel, or insect heart. The Dorsal Vessel has rhythmic contractions that pump fluid from the abdominal cavity into … Continue reading

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Insects at the World Cup

James Rodriguez of Columbia scored on a penalty kick and celebrated oblivious to the large grasshopper perched on his arm. The grasshopper joined the celebration by waving its antennae. On an interesting note, the Dirty Tackle misidentified the grasshopper as … Continue reading

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Insect-Inspired Beauty: The Makeup Edition

This is for all the ladies out there…and for the men who appreciate good makeup. Long has nature inspired art and jewelry, and lately all over the world, it has been inspiring creative makeup.  Insect-related designs have also gained popularity. … Continue reading

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